Q: What is the cost?

A: The total cost is $1000 which includes the delivery fee for two rose bushes. There is a $500 down payment to cover the up-front cost of the registration and rose grafting process.  The remaining $500 is due upon successful registration and delivery

Q: How do you ensure that these roses are actually unique?


A: You can read about our rooting and grafting hybridization process here.

Q: How long does it take?


A: While the naming and registration process with the American Rose Society takes about 2 months, the rose grafting process takes from 6 months to 1 year to complete. 


Q: What if I want more than two rose bushes of the rose that I named?


A: There is an extra fee of $20 per rose bush, not including shipping fees.


Q: During what seasons are the roses available to view and choose from?


A: A gallery of hybridized roses is available on this website to chose from.  However, if you'd like to view and choose a rose in person at Gemini Peach and Rose Farm, the roses are only in bloom from April-June and September-November. Please contact us to arrange a viewing time.


Q: Will the rose that I name be exclusive to me?

A: All of the hybridized roses that are available for naming have not been previously sold or made available outside of Gemini Peach and Rose Garden. After you name your rose, that rose will only be sold under the name that you have chosen and the rose can never be renamed. However, Gemini Peach and Rose Garden retains the right to to sell the rose bushes to the general public in the future.


Q: Who are some people that have roses named after them?

A:  Some famous people who have roses named after them are Queen Elizabeth, President Lincoln, Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parden, Princess Diana, etc. 


Q: Can you give some ideas for how I should name the rose?

A: You can name the rose however you would like. Our customers usually like to name it after their loved ones. Some previously named roses include "Jaden Makale", "Madison Sophia", "Longshot Lena", and "Kay Francis."



"Name Your Rose" Package

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