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Hours:  9-3  Mon - Sat

PEACHES: Later part of June until the middle part of August.

ROSES: May to July 15, October to November.

Contact us: 940-230-5422

Name your rose

​Give a name to one of our new and unique hybridized varieties of roses.


Award winning roses and delicious U-pick 'em peaches from the heart of Denton, Texas


Gemini Peach and Rose Farm specializes in growing, grafting, and hybridizing roses. We are always focused on growing the best available roses and hybridizing new varieties of roses.  We are selling cut roses, rose bushes, and the right-to-name a rose from our large number of new and unique hybridized roses. During the summer (June-August), we have tasty peaches for your picking pleasure.  We will be growing tomatoes and bell peppers to sell.

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